One of the most exciting advantages of open CRMs is the potential for app integrations to bring to the table substantial gains in features, functionality, efficiency, and revenue generation. But another equally important perk are the monetary savings generated through these app integrations.


CRMs on the market vary wildly in terms of features, cost, and value. This is even more the case when you factor in the numerous third-party suppliers you might require to fulfil your core agency operations. These costs can multiply considerably when there is poor compatibility with third-party solutions, whether it be because of software decentralisation, zero to minimal integration potential, or worst of all a lack of data sharing that leads to reduced efficiencies across the board.

But with third-party apps integrated onto a single CRM ecosystem, many of the aforementioned issues would subside or disappear entirely, creating significant cost savings for businesses to reinvest in other vital areas.

Apps integrations are nascent in PropTech, with Reapit’s App Marketplace pioneering the drive towards an interconnected PropTech ecosystem with integrations directly into the CRM that are tailor-made for easy download and deployment to provide choice and flexibility that help your employees become more productive and your business processes become more efficient.

The key aspect of this is that integrated solutions and applications must operate on a single, centralised CRM, and this is especially important for larger agencies with multiple departments and branches as a decentralised CRM creates operational inefficiencies and does not represent the best possible return on investment.

Rather than working independently with a third-party software supplier to leverage tools to enhance your trade, a centralised CRM can easily integrate apps that have already been tested and approved to work seamless across your business. Reapit’s App Marketplace recently went live for Reapit customers with several apps ready at launch (for a quick look at what’s available and coming soon, have a read of the latest App Marketplace Catalogue), with more than 1,000 developers registered in the Developer Portal to build new apps that will enable agents to supplement their Reapit CRM with new integrations to further enrich their customer services, reduce third-party costs and ultimately drive revenue growth.

One of the new apps available now in the Reapit App Marketplace is the GOTO App. which enables agents to simply click and instruct for a range of services including conveyancing, EPC/floor plan/photography, mortgages, online auctions, property survey and more. Agents using all of the services available through the app able to earn them on average an additional £500-£800 per sale, and most importantly, all referrals can be tracked through the app via the Reapit CRM.

This is just one example of how app integrations not only make agency operations more efficient, but also help drive down monthly costs on your CRM. Apps integrations offer limitless potential with what can be achieved, and CRMs like Reapit’s which integrate them like no other PropTech platform on the market can help your agency reduce its costs in 2021 and beyond.

Guest blog by Reapit, the UK’s leading supplier for estate agency CRM solutions.

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