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Do I need a Survey?

When finding the perfect home it’s easy to be seduced by the look and feel before you understand its condition.

You may want to ensure the building is sound, or detect defects and determine the extent of any repairs required. That’s why it’s worth requesting a detailed report of for probably the most important purchase you’ll ever make!

Do I Need A Survey?

Choosing Right

GOTO Surveys will advise you on the most suitable survey for the property you are purchasing.

 There are typically two types of survey; a Home Survey Level 2 Report or a Home Survey Level 3 Report. We will look at the property online initially and advise you which report will be most suitable for you. We will then arrange for the surveyor to go to the property and undertake the appropriate survey.


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You can book your survey any day of the week from one of over 350 RICS Surveyors.

To arrange your Home Survey Level 2 Report or a Home Survey Level 3 Report simply click on “arrange your survey” below and complete our comprehensive surveys form.

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Do I need a Survey?

20% of buyers get a professional survey prior to purchasing their new home. Which means 80% of buyers are taking a big risk. There is a misconception that they are costly and not worth the effort. But requesting a survey can also mean avoiding lofty expenses and stress down the line. According to The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), many buyers are unknowingly setting themselves up for an average £5,750 in repair bills on their new purchase!

So learn your property’s secrets. Some unpredictable problems such as rot, subsidence, and structural defects are hidden to the inexperienced eye and only apparent to a professionally qualified chartered surveyor. So to avoid a property with walls on the verge of collapse, or that’s built on a floodplain, and to be informed about upcoming repairs to the chimney chutes, extensive rewiring, or the type of glaze you’ll need, requesting a survey is a smart move.

Do surveyors work on behalf of both a buyer and a lender? This is a frequent misunderstanding of potential buyers, and the answer is no! A Mortgage Valuation is conducted for the lender alone, and you need a more detailed report to protect your interests.

RICs Research

More than a fifth of home buyers who did not take out a survey are now saddled with a property they would never have bought if they had been aware of its true condition
The survey of 1,017 buyers across the UK found that consumers are clearly aware of the need for independent advice. However, nearly a third failed to get it. The new homeowner may then be unable to afford, or have the desire, to fix the faults and may be left with a property they may no longer want to live in but are unable to sell to recoup their losses.
RICS’ survey shows it is the young and first-time buyers who are at particular risk, with a lack of understanding of the home buying process.

Specialist Reports

Asbestos Reports

Wherever a surveyor highlights the risk of asbestos, it is essential that specialist advice is sought to clarify the risk and give appropriate recommendations for remedy. The report will include:

  • Any restrictions to the property
  • Recommendation of repairs or strategy needed
  • Costings for carrying out the work

Gas & Central Heating

A surveyor will ask for an additional report if there are defects in the gas boiler or central heating system. They will base this on obvious signs of ageing or where radiators or pipes show signs of leaking or rust. The report will provide:

  • All checks needed and costings for repairs
  • All contractors are Gas safe registered
  • In an acceptable format for lenders

Roof Reports

The main reasons why surveyors ask for a report is due to problems with the structure or the covering. The report is a visual inspection and will cover the chimney and all roofs. You will have information on:

  • Description, age and construction of the property
  • Information on restrictions to the areas inspected
  • Details of defects, repairs and costs involved
  • Acceptable format for the lender

Structural Engineer Reports

The surveyor will  raise a concern and request a report if they have noticed a specific defect problem area (like cracking in the external brickwork) or the whole property to identify causes of movement that investigates the soundness of the structure. In the report:

  • You will get clear recommendations
  • Approximate costings
  • Engineers can also provide loading calculations, foundation design, roof structures etc.

Timber and Damp

Surveyors and valuers often recommend a timber report when they have identified either beetle attack within roof or floor timbers, or wet rot or dry rot (fungal infestation) somewhere in the structure. The report gives you:

  • Information on these problems
  • Costings for any repairs needed
  • In a format acceptable to mortgage lenders.

Tree Reports

Surveyors and valuers often recommend a timber report when they have identified either beetle attack within roof or floor timbers, or wet rot or dry rot (fungal infestation) somewhere in the structure. The report gives you:

  • Recommended works and costings

Wall Tie Reports

Wall tie problems are usually shown by cracking in the external brickwork of the property. The report will provide:

  • An endoscopic inspection within cavities
  • Costings and details of repairs needed
  • The report is in a format acceptable to lenders

Electrical Reports

Full inspection of all circuits and fuse board. The report will detail any upgrades required to the electric system to bring the circuits up to current standards. Costs will be included for the required works to bring the system up to the current standards (IEE regulations).


There are times when you may require something totally tailored to your needs. Contact us and we will take you through the options. Our friendly team will make sure you have the best price and service.

Drain Report

A surveyor may recommend this report when drains are blocked and need to be cleaned. Symptoms of blockage are usually obvious in domestic dwellings – sanitary appliances fail to clear properly etc, though in other settings, failed drains can be behind localised flooding. The condition of the drains will be recorded by CCTV cameras. The report will tell you:

  • The cause of the problem and given a list of recommended actions/repairs.
  • Each recommendation will have a cost attached to it, giving a very clear assessment of your liabilities with regard to the drains.
  • Acceptable format for lenders.

Which Survey is right for me?

A Mortgage Valuation is a report undertaken on behalf of the lender. Therefore it is important for a more detailed report to be carried out which will inform you of the condition of the property.

There may be defects in the property that could cost you a lot of money to put right so it is important to have a Home Survey Level 2 Report or a Home Survey Level 3 Report.

Which survey is right for me? Home Survey Level 2 Home Survey Level 3
For those purchasing regular properties
For those purchasing older properties
For those purchasing large properties
Inspection report
Notification of property parts needing urgent attention
Advice for conveyancers
Advice on repairs and on-going maintenance
Key risks report
Advice on issues affecting the property value
Insurance reinstatement cost *
Detailed inspection
Comprehensive structural report
Description of defects
Outline of potential problems
Professional advice on repair options
Download Examples Home Survey Level 2 Example Home Survey Level 3 Example

What survey should I get?

Valuation Home Condition Report Home Survey Level 2 Report Home Survey Level 3 Report
Carried out by a RICs Member?
For the benefit of the purchaser?
What does it involve? A basic inspection A semi-detailed inspection A detailed inspection of the condition A detailed inspection of the condition
What is the report like? Mainly for value purposes. Doesn’t mention the condition of the property Same as homebuyer report but with less detail Lots of information in a clear structure. Each item rated 1-3 A detailed report capturing all details. Often pages of continuous text.
Which property suits this report? All that need valuations Majority of house built after 1880 Majority of house built after 1880 Older houses, those over 3 storeys or unusual construction.
Detailed inspection?
Copy of the report supplied to the buyer?
Condition rating of building elements?

* an additional cost may be required.

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