GOTOGROUP sponsors Bookmark

GOTO is very proud to support Bookmark, a new charity whose mission is to change children’s lives by using digital technology to connect reading volunteers with local schools.

“We’re incredibly excited about Bookmark’s partnership with GOTO Group, and with their help we’ll be able to reach even more children who need reading support. We so look forward to working together in the future, so that we’re able to make the biggest difference we can, for as many children as possible. Thank you so much for your support.”

Kitty HigginsBookmark CEO

Six-week reading programmes

Around 200,000 children leave primary school in England each year unable to read to the expected standard. These children struggle for the rest of their education and beyond, which has a devastating impact on their life chances.

Bookmark has launched a new matching platform to give schools access to vetted and trained reading volunteers in their area, at the click of a button. From early next year, Bookmark volunteers will also be able to do their training and chat with other Bookmark volunteers - all online, on their mobiles. Through six-week reading programmes, pupils benefit from face-to-face time with Bookmark volunteers who inspire a love of reading and develop pupils’ literacy skills.

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Bookmark explains the current situation

1 in 5 children in England are unable to read well when they leave primary school.

The figure rises to 1 in 3, for disadvantaged children in England.

Children unable to read well face difficulties with many subjects at school.