Reservation Fee Option

A new service which reduces the risk of a buyer withdrawing from a property sale

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Benefits to Buyer

Committed vendor – Sellers are also committed to meeting the agreed time scale, and are legally prepared in advance.

Improve chances of buyer’s offer being accepted, as it shows their motivation and that their offer is genuine.

Once Buyers and Sellers have agreed a sale, the property is marked as SSTC immediately, and both have the security of an agreed price and timescale to work to.

There is a fixed timescale for exchange that is agreed with the vendor and forms part of the reservation form.

Benefits to Seller

A RICS Accredited Chartered Surveyor provides a desktop recommendation on the marketing strategy for each property. This is the same type of surveyor that would conduct a mortgage valuation or building survey, and has access to a wealth of information.

Buyer is financially committed to the purchase from the moment an offer is agreed, and will be far more motivated to purchase in the agreed timescale, and at the agreed price.

Peace of mind

Purchaser pays a non refundable Buyers Premium upon acceptance of the offer. This shows the buyer is committed and avoids time wasters.

The certainty the buyers premium creates enables the vendor to be in a strong position to negotiate their onward purchase and secure a good deal for themselves.

Having confirmed dates means Sellers can start to make plans for moving into their new home sooner, and shop around for the best deals on things like internet providers or satellite TV.

This services are provided free of charge. Terms and conditions apply

Benefits to Agent

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

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